A comfortable public speaker for all your events


Offering guidance and advice, Richard, The Cambridge Toastmaster, ensures that you are in capable hands as soon as he comes on board to help with your function. He is a seasoned and comfortable public speaker and familiar with audiences and environments across many genres. 

The job of a toastmaster is to take the stress away from you and to make your event run like clockwork. Attention to detail and continual discreet liaison throughout the event is of paramount importance and allows your event to move effortlessly to a successful conclusion.

The advantages of securing the services of a professional toastmaster include:

  • Planning of an event from the outset and setting down a critical path, which will be followed to the event’s conclusion
  • Freeing you from the anxiety of ‘on-the-day’ management, allowing you to enjoy your event
  • Independent advice and on-going consultancy available from the outset and running up to the event, covering all facets of the important day
  • Professional manner, conducting your event with authority and dignity, without being intrusive or overbearing
  • Venue management liaison, again allowing you to enjoy the day without having to worry about ‘on-the-day’ tweaks and glitches